Year    :   2016
Country of Origin    :   Ukraine
Slogan    :   Let's start it all over from the beginning
Genre    :   Documentary
Running time    :   93 min
Language    :   Ukrainian, Russian, Italian, French (English Subtitles)
Format    :   1998x1080, 25fps, 1.85:1, Sound 5.1
Age    :   12+

Lobanovskiy Forever is an exploration of a cult legacy of the Dynamo Kiev manager, Valeri Vasilievich Lobanovskiy, who led Dynamo Kiev to become the first Soviet team to win a major European trophy . The life of the football legend is examined through archival footage and interviews with the generations of local and international football stars and sports writers who share their memories and analysis.


The Ballerina, The Goose, The Colonel, The Maitre ... If they were creating listicles back the Soviet times, Valeri Vasilievich Lobanovskiy would have undoubtedly been in The Top 5 of the Most Influential People of the Union one. The legendary football manager enjoyed tremendous clout and influence in the country. In Kiev he was worshiped, in Moscow – somewhat disliked. This, however, never prevented Lobanovskiy from stubbornly pressing his case, even in the offices of power.

Lobanovskiy Forever is a film about a hero against the backdrop of an epoch. His life could rival a Shakespearean play: great victories and crushing defeats, constant struggle to maintain the values of football, as he saw them, the stand-offs with Moscow, existence inside the totalitarian Soviet system.

We begin in 1961 when, as a member of Dynamo Kiev FC first, ‘golden’, team, Lobanovskiy never shied from disputing the opinion of his coaches. Having exhausted their patience Lobanovskiy was soon expelled. Years later he would admit that, as a manager, he would never tolerate a Lobanovskiy-like footballer on his own team. Obviously, even at the dawn of his career Lobanovskiy wasthinkingasafuturecoach. Indeed,afewyearslaterhebecameaprominentfootballmanager in his own right. He is credited with elevating the provincial Dniepr FC to a previously unimaginable level of success. He was noticed ... and invited ... to Kiev. To coach his Dynamo.

So began the Era of Lobanovskiy in Soviet football... The passions of the bygone epoch that filled the stadiums are summoned through the use of rare archival footage and first-hand accounts by former footballers, commentators, journalists, politicians and fans. If there ever was a national pastime in the USSR, football was it. During the matches the fans were able to freely express their national pride outside the prescribed Soviet norms. Dynamo Kiev, coached by Lobanovskiy and representing Ukrainian Social Republic, became a phenomenon of that culture.

Archival reels preserved many of the memorable moments: European Winners' Cup and UEFA Super Cup ‘75 marked the first time a Soviet club won the trophy. Dynamo Kiev beat out the most titled Moscow teams in the number of gold medals by the Champion of the Union. Another Winner’s Cup was won in 1986! By then Lobanovskiy was the manager of the USSR national team that became a standout in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico and especially two years later in Germany where they were awarded the title of Vice Champions of Europe.

We catch up with those who knew, followed, or played for (or against) Lobanovskiy, so such legends as Michel Platini, Carlo Ancelotti, Oleg Blokhin, Jacques Ferran, and many others, can share their memories and thoughts about the great coach and his 'System'.

Lobanovskiy’s Method, his 'System', was rooted in the impressive physical stamina of his players, both on and off the pitch, combined with the idea of total football popularized by the Dutch athletes in the 70s. Lobanovskiy may not have Cruyff or Neeskens, but he did have Blokhin, Onischenko and Kopotov. Zavarov and Belanov excelled in the 80-s, Shevchenko and Rebrov - ten years later.

Valeri Lobanovskiy’s life ended on the coaching bench: the ambulance took him from the stadium where Dynamo Kiev was finishing a yet another victorious match. Journalists hailed Lobanovskiy’s dedication comparing to Moliere: the great playwright passed away on stage, just as the Dynamo's manager did – on the football pitch.


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• Carlo Anchelotti • Alexey Andronov • Oleg Bazylewicz Jr. • Oleg Blokhin • Rinat Dasaev • Jaques Ferran • Artem Frankov • Viacheslav Koloskov • Alexandre Kozlov • Leonid Kravchuk • Ivan Kucher • Bernard Lions • Alexey Michailichenko • Gennadiy Orlov • Vladimir Petrukhin • Michel Platini • Sergey Rebrov • Yuriy Rybchinskiy • Andriy Shevchenko • Irina Shimbarevich • Aleksandr Shovkovskiy • Nikita Simonian • Grigoriy Surkis • Igor Surkis • Joseph Szabo •


CARLO ANCELOTTI is an Italian football manager and former footballer. He is currently managing Bayern Munich. He is regarded as one of the best and most successful managers of all time. In 1988 Euro Cup semi-finals Ancelotti’s team lost 0:2 to the team coached by Lobanovskiy.

Lobanoskiy is a great master of football. There is always something worth learning from the great masters.


OLEG BLOKHIN is a former Ukrainian football player and manager who is currently a free agent. Blokhin was formerly a standout striker for Dynamo Kiev and the Soviet Union. With Dynamo, Blokhin won eight Soviet league titles, five national cups and two European Cup Winners' Cups.

Valeri Vasilievich made a Team out of me and my mates, and we made him a great Coach. We’ve done it all together.


MICHEL PLATINI is a French former football player, manager and administrator. Nicknamed Le Roi (The King) for his ability and leadership, he is regarded as one of the greatest footballers of all time. During the World Cup in Mexico in 1986 Platini’s team lost to Lobanovskiy 2:0.

So we lost... And how! They made us, the European Champions, dance to the beat of their drum! After that game I have seriously considered quitting football...


ANDRIY SHEVCHENKO is a retired Ukrainian footballer who played for Dynamo Kiev, Milan, Chelsea and the Ukrainian national team as a striker. In July 2016, he was appointed as the coach of the Ukrainian national team.

You know, I owe everything to Valeri Vaslilievich... As a father-figure, as a mentor, as a Teacher... Not only because he made a footballer out of me. I am grateful for the values and principles that he instilled in me that I follow and try to teach to others.


JACQUES FERRAN s a former French journalist and editor of L'Equipe, former director of France Football, and creator of the European Cup of Champions Clubs. Ferran is a longtime admirer of Lobanovskiy.

Those trying to pick up from Lobanovskiy some ready- made recipes for how to play and how to win will hardly succeed. How to play according to Lobanovskiy was only known to the man himself!



Anton Azarov’s debut feature includes an abundance of testimony from former players, colleagues and commentators confirming Lobanovskiy’s unique focus and intensity. (...)Even those with precious little interest in football will leave Lobanovskiy Forever with an understanding of the contribution he made to the game and why he matters and that in itself is a considerable achievement for director Azarov.
Allan Hunter, SCREEN DAILY


It's clear that Azarov admires Lobanovskiy for carving out such an iconic position within the Soviet world that he found himself...
Ben Nicholson, CINE VUE




Das Boot Production Company was founded in 2015 in Kiev, Ukraine.We produce documentaries and feature films. Das Boot Production is actively engaged in the search for young talents in the Ukraine and across the former Soviet Union with development of contemporary auteur cinema as its overarching goal. We seek out projects covering social, cultural and political issues of the Ukrainian society and the post-Soviet spaces. Our main focus is on the role of independent Ukraine in the world today, as expressed through the sports, culture, and science.
In crisis we find hope, at the time of war we look for peace.

Producer Dimitri Simonov

PR Ivanna Khitsinska

Distribution Alexandra Bratyshchenko


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